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Linguistic slavery in the 21st C: Multilingualism and the languages of learning and teaching

What is in a language? This is a fair question indeed, but the one often treated with skepticism because matters of language operate at subconscious levels. That is why conversations around language can to a degree be illogical and emotional. We don’t reason; rather we feel and think we know all about it! But there is more to language than the mundane and casual conversations people often have.....

Teachers should not teach!

Lots of century old misinformation has given teachers a name and a job description called teaching! Because of this, teachers have power to determine what and how to learn in our contemporary classrooms. Power corrupts, we all know, but absolute power takes away individuality and ways of being for those who are powerless. If colonial education told us that teachers teach, we should talk back: their job is to learn.