About Me

Leketi Makalela is a world-renowned professor, author, inspirational speaker, leading research consultant, philanthropist, personal and business development coach, education strategist and entrepreneur.

He is a leading authority recognized in the world’s top universities that conferred him a prestigious title of ‘distinguished professor.’ At the University of the Witwatersrand, he founded the hub for multilingual education and literacies (www.humel.org.za). Makalela has successfully gained prominence as a leading researcher and consultant in the past 10 years. He partnered with organizations and schooling communities to disrupt failure and engineered successful education strategists that are sought after in South Africa and abroad. He then extended the disruptive power of positive mind attitude to inspire change and transform organizations, individuals and entrepreneurs across the globe.

As a philanthropist who believes that the ultimate purpose of living is giving, he founded a number of charitable organizations that include Balang Foundation (www.balangfoundation.org), which provides school uniforms and literacy support for vulnerable children, schools and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thousands of communities became beneficiaries of his giving hand.

Leketi Makalela’s life is that of a missioned warrior who battled abject poverty, dehumanizing child labour, and lack of basic amenities in his remote rural village at the border of Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces in South Africa. The result of tapping his inner mental energy saw him eventually receiving his PhD at Michigan State University, USA. This journey powered him to discover the secrets and natural laws of success. He made a quality decision to recognize no such reality as impossible. His belief and application of this life principle has seen him touching many lives and inspiring success in personal, professional and business circles. He is well-known as an inspirational speaker for his ability to “speak to the soul”.